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Travel Smart Crew (Pty) Ltd is a company jointly owned by a group of well established, diverse and successful inbound Destination Management Companies (for further details hereof, please see ‘Contact Us’ page), many of whom are industry pioneers. Combining years of experience, shared strengths, resources, skill and common strategy for optimised partner relationships, marketing, and maximising business sets the tone for both an individual and a combined group success strategy. It was formed to enable medium sized, independent Destination Management Companies to favourably and competitively set themselves up to serve their Inbound customers through combined buying power and shared technology platforms, whilst at the same time allowing them to maintain their independent sales focus.

Individual entrepreneurial skills and independent management is retained, also giving the group an edge particularly in niche markets, otherwise difficult for suppliers to reach. Each Travel Smart Crew member trades independently under its own respected brand, retaining its own identity, creativity, flexibility and the ability to focus on its particular niche markets. Travel Smart Crew does not infringe on individual branding, management style or entrepreneurial skills, nor the possible need to negotiate special individual supplier deals from time to time. Instead, Travel Smart Crew facilitates support by way of group resources, expertise and common group purpose. Appropriate business tools, particularly on the IT side, assist to reduce costs and improve profitability, thereby making members better resourced and more competitive.

Members of the group are shareholders, and members meet regularly to discuss various issues of common interest, such as statistics, preferred partner list updates, strategies, overrides, educational tours, etc. Their views and ideas form an important ingredient in formulating future group strategy, and the Managing Director is responsible for both the resourcing of and implementation of such group strategies.

All supplier rates and services contracting is centralised by Travel Smart Crew on behalf of the group, also enabling a common database as well as efficient statistical reporting of the support of TSC’s preferred partners. This streamlines supplier relationships, avoids duplication and through improved control and focus, more effectively supports preferred suppliers. Travel Smart Crew does not handle bookings or enquiries on behalf of members; its role is that of a supportive and facilitating one.

Travel Smart Crew work to achieve maximised support for both suppliers and clients, thereby facilitating a win-win business relationship for all. Our guidelines support positive product and service partner relationships:

Accreditation by most trade associations are held within the group, SATSA, ASATA, SACII, FEDHASA, ASA, and Proudly South Africa. Some are also IATA bonded, or individually affiliated to professional structures such as the GSTA. Travel Smart Crew members regularly exhibit at world travel events such as WTM in London, ITB in Berlin, CMT in Stuttgart and INDABA in South Africa.

Travel Smart Crew is closely linked with many major European, UK, USA, Australasian and other worldwide outgoing wholesalers. The group specialises in handling land arrangements throughout the Southern & Eastern African region. More recently, it is seeking to open new destinations in central Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

Travel Smart Crew is a recognised force in the Southern African Travel Industry. It is strong, resourceful, focused and together, yet it is also flexible, independent, diverse and personal.