Travel Smart Crew Pty Ltd is a company owned by 16 well established, diverse and successful inbound travel specialists. Each shareholder is a privately-owned, owner-managed business with some of the most respected travel personalities at the helm. Each business is resolutely passionate, and has put devotion and pure grit in to growing to where they are today. They are fundamentally focused on drawing in sales and servicing their customers and guests with the supply of high quality, seamless travels, while Travel Smart Crew focuses solely on meaningful supplier engagements to underwrite the fulfilment thereof. Each of the 16 shareholders of Travel Smart Crew is the equal and only beneficiary of Travel Smart Crew undertakings. As a diverse, dynamic and entrepreneurial business, these functions include, yet are certainly not limited to:
  • Central Group Contracting
  • Central Management of Preferred Supplier Relationships
  • Central Group Commercial Agreements
  • Central Reservations System Management and Data Capture – both Tourplan and Travelogic
  • Shared Allocations
  • Shared Intelligence
  • Shared Resources
  • Shared Benefits and Opportunities